David Kraut
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From New York City's Bitter End to Nashville's Hotel Indigo, David Kraut has been entertaining audiences with his unique brand of piano-based pop and country for over a decade.

* July 2017: My song "None of the Above" was featured on the USA TV show "Shooter".
* March 2014 & November 2013: My song "None of the Above" appeared on the ABC TV show "Nashville".
* February 2014: Independent artist Raven Bro is recording my song "A Hundred Proof" (co-written with Mitch Townley) on her new album.
* May 2013: "This is the Year" and "Make It Count" have been signed by Washington Street Publishing.
* April 2012: "None of the Above" was licensed as a demo song for the ikick501 Speaker Docking Station. Visitors to an audio retailer will be able to listen to the song to review the sound quality of the product.
* June 2011: Independent artist Heather Brown just released a recording of my song, "Day Job and a Dream", on her new self-titled album.
01. Highlight PLAY - BUY -
02. This is the Year PLAY - BUY -
03. A Day Job and a Dream PLAY -
04. Don't Listen PLAY - BUY -
05. None of the Above PLAY - BUY -
06. A Hundred Proof PLAY -
07. Liquid Sunshine PLAY - BUY -
08. Change of a Dress PLAY -
09. Gettin' Lost PLAY -
010. Liquid Sunshine (radio version) PLAY - BUY -