David Kraut
None of the Above
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None Of The Above

Another crazy night at Loco's
Another cold one in my hand
I was feelin' proud and getting loud
Just listening to the band
I was heading to the back room
When I knocked into this guy
He was thick and mean, built like a marine
And he looked right in my eye

He said, Boy watch where you're goin'
You're standin' in my space
And you better move, or I'll introduce,
My fist to your face.
And what do you think I did?

a) Did I shut my mouth?
b) Did I just walk out?
c) Did I try to play nice, bite my tongue, and swallow my pride?
d) Did I use my head instead of charging in like a bull that saw red?
There are so many things that I was thinkin of
But when push came to shove I chose
None of the above

Well I stumbled home that evening
Saw my reflection in the hall
My eye was black, my tooth was cracked
Like a car that hit the wall
I hoped that she'd be sleepin'
But she was waitin in the den
From her angry eyes, I realized
I'd done it once again

She said, Boy, look at how you're livin'
Why do act the way you do?
With all your drinkin', never thinkin',
You're just a redneck without a clue
And what do you think I did?


The highway to a town called trouble
The road that tries its best to bring me down
The freeway that always costs me double
And though I know I should know better
And when I should just stop

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Lyric Credits: Colocott/Kraut
Music Credits: Colocott/Kraut
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Song Length: 4:00
Primary Genre: Country-Rock
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