David Kraut
Do the Right Thing (Darren's Song)
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We had a date starting with a J,
I was cute and tall and funny.
At the end, you asked if you could pay,
I said baby save your money.

You said you?d call, you didn?t,
You thought you?d be forgiven,
But I want my money back,
Baby, I?m not kidding.

?Cause you ate the food, and you drank the wine,
And I think it?s rude, for you to decline another chance to dine,
You led me on, then you cut me loose,
Like a puppet on a string,
So be a mensch, and do the right thing.

I sent an email with my demands,
I bet you never saw that comin?.
Left a message with my master plan,
Going to issue you a summons.

Then I?ll call up your employer,
You better hire a lawyer,
Give me back my 50 bucks,
Or else I?m coming for ya,


And the FBI will be comin? by,
?Cause your replies are threatening.
Yeah, be a mensch, and do the right thing.

Lyric Credits: David Kraut
Music Credits: David Kraut
Producer Credits: David Kraut
Performance Credits: David Kraut
Song Length: 3:00
Primary Genre: Pop-General
Secondary Genre: -
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal