David Kraut
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Cheap Ain't Cheap



My old truck Suzy had a heart attack,
Shoulda seen the smoke she was blowing out back,
So I took up my tools, didn't need no help,
Why call AAA when I can do it myself,
Now poor ol' Suzy is buried in the old junkyard

Funny how money always seems to drive everything I do,
Ends in me spending a dollar for each nickel that I hold on to,
Something for nothing ain't worth the trouble that it puts you through,
If you wanna cut corners your pockets better be real deep,
'Cause cheap ain't cheap.

Was driving kinda reckless on I-95,
Saw the flashing red lights, and they pulled me aside,
Had to see a judge, thought I'd plead my case,
Who needs a lawyer at those fancy rates,
Now I'm serving 90 days in the Franklin County jail.


So take my free advice,
Cheap ain't worth the price.


Lyric Credits: David Kraut, Hugh Colocott and Jimmy Santis
Music Credits: David Kraut, Hugh Colocott and Jimmy Santis
Producer Credits: Hugh Colocott

Song Length: 3:00
Primary Genre: Country-Rock
Secondary Genre: -