David Kraut
Change of a Dress
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I?ve got the past packed up but I?ve left you our old TV.
After ten years you spent more late nights with it than me.
As my tires cross the train tracks,
To my new home on the west side of town,
I?m going to stop into this boutique that I found.

I?ve got a new location,
So I?m celebratin?,
With a costume change.
I want something lacy,
A little racy,
To get me back in the game.
I?ll put it on and dance to a new song,
And no longer feel second best [everyone is so impressed],
Yeah everything will change with this change of a dress.

All the jaws drop wide when I waltz into Walt?s saloon,
I see your jealous eyes behind your beer across the room.
And Mr. Six foot three walks up to me,
Asks me ?Can I have this dance?
Could this be my second chance?


Now that dress hangs in my closet,
That I share with a brand-new man.
And tomorrow we?ll walk, into wedlock,
Hand in hand.

In a new location,
Where we?re celebratin?,
My first day as a bride.
Got something lacy,
Not too racy,
Got my dad by my side.
I?ll put it on and dance to a new song,
Baby, I feel so blessed.
Yeah everything has changed with this change of a dress.

Song Length: 4:00
Primary Genre: Country-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: -