David Kraut
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Me Peforming at Hotel Indigo in Nashville
Here's a video of me performing (in the round with Casey Thompson) at the Hotel Indigo in Nashville. The two songs I play are:

"Don't Listen"

"They Built This World (You're Just Living In It)"

Chair was a bit low. :)

Here's my MySpace page -- come on over and add me as a friend!
Lisa Christine
Lisa and I have just started writing together -- she is a powerhouse singer and an excellent songwriter!

Check out her music.
Chris Yurchuck
Chris is my SongU buddy and a great co-writer. Plus his music has been played on Felicity. This guy is cool.
Jonathan Coulton (JoCo)
Somewhat ridiculous for me to be putting this link up because Jon doesn't really need my help promoting him, but if by some chance you haven't heard Jon's music (in the last year he's been featured in the NY Times Magazine, NPR and Yahoo), you really should go to his site and listen. Brilliant lyrics, beautiful melodies, amazing arrangements and the guy is a killer musician and singer.